Sports Radio Blast from the Past!

Back in 2007, I helped put this Sports radio station on the air. I came up with the call letters, designed the logo and set up the station’s original ESPN programming. I brought in cross media sports guys like Channel 11’s Kenny Hawkins and the Times-News’ Joe Avento. Click below for a newspaper story about it from Joe that I recently came across (and had long since forgotten about!)

Article from the Kingsport Times News by Joe Avento from February 16 2007

After my former company dropped them, I was subsequently instrumental in putting ESPN Radio on the stations of my current company of Holston Valley Broadcasting in 2013. It’s currently on the air in all of the Tri-Cities with 3 AM signals & 3 FM translators. It is the number one rated sports station in the market.

L-R: Sales Manager Charlie Aesque, IT & Operations Specialist Bob Gordon, Program Director Scott Highland & President & GM David Widener

ESPN Tri-Cities debuts August 12, 2013