Have party-Will travel!


To my home based side business I have added a mobile DJ service. Having spent over 4 decades as a radio DJ I will tell you that being on the radio can be somewhat deceptive…you know you have a bunch of people listening, based on the ratings…but you don’t actually see them. I really enjoy “taking the show on the road!” By playing music in front of a live crowd…I can immediately tell what music they like or don’t like by watching the dance floor. Plus it’s an art knowing what to play and when to play it to keep things moving by reading the crowd.

I had a mobile DJ system back in the 80’s too. It was barely mobile with very large speakers, amplifiers, lights and turntables. Yes turntables….I played vinyl records! I had a blast doing after ballgame school dances, high school reunions, private parties, pool parties, weddings and Christmas parties.

I deejay-ed in a few night clubs over the years as well. I was the DJ at the old Nite Life Club in Colonial Heights in the late 70’s. This was where I first met guys like Benny Wilson who was then with the group Passenger. I got to meet lots of great local bands back in the day. I also deejay-ed at the old Bonnie & Clyde’s and New York Lakeside clubs in Kingsport in the late 80’s & early 90’s. I played music (again vinyl records) during band breaks.

I stuck with just the radio DJ gig for years until the lady who cuts my hair asked me to do their shop’s Christmas party last year. I pieced together a sound system and had at it. I’ve also done a few parties for my daughter over the years. I really enjoy it, realized how much I missed it and decided to put together another sound & light system and do private parties again. It’s nothing fancy but it sounds and looks good (sorry no fog machine!)  Even with vinyl making a comeback, all the music is now digital and on on a laptop. My current system is streamlined and can fit in the back of my Jeep, as opposed to needing a large van to haul my equipment back in the day…my back was much younger & stronger then!

Seems every kid with an I-pod/pad/phone (and fog machine) thinks he’s a DJ these days! I have done this professionally on the radio, in clubs &  private parties for a lot of years including emceeing many live events and major shows & concerts. I do this because I enjoy it (and to help pay for my daughter’s college 🙂 ) and basically charge $150 per hour. I give a discount to charitable, military, veteran & first responder organizations.

Since ramping back up I have played a few parties, weddings and class reunions and have had a blast…so has my audiences! (See videosee photo gallery.)  I am looking forward to doing some more parties in the future (love those open bars!) I’m pretty picky on what gigs I accept…I love parties where I can play the older classics and the decent newer songs. I have access to pretty much any song ever recorded…but I don’t play much rap. I feature a fun clean show.


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Final Footnote: I have added more equipment and lights to the point of needing something bigger to haul it all in!