No Fishing and another Jeep

It was a glorious Friday in August. Sunny….not too hot. I took the afternoon off to go fishing. About a mile from the radio station, I was waiting at the light to turn left on Lincoln Street. Was heading to Walmart to pick up nightcrawlers beer & ice…then to the lake to meet my fishin’ buddy John Patrick. When the light changed, I pulled out to make my left when I briefly saw a streak of white in front of me. Some kid…..on the phone…blew through the red-light and I crashed into his full passenger side. My Jeep was still running so I pulled over to the side of the road and called 911.

They say that when traumatic things happen to you life slows down. It seemed like forever between when I saw the white streak and when I heard and felt the crunch. My airbag did not go off….I was only doing about 20 MPH pulling out from the light. His passenger side curtain air bags fully deployed as he was ripping through the intersection pretty good. He was cited for driving distracted (on the phone,) running a red light, expired license tag. And of course, he DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE!

Needless to say, I didn’t get to go fishing that day. (Sorry John for not getting you out of shopping with the wife!)

Since I was going so slow I naturally assumed my Jeep was fixable.  It still ran, although the radiator was busted. The tow truck driver drove it on and off the rollback. It was only hurt on the front. Grille, headlights….would need a hood…and a radiator. A few thousand dollars through my uninsured motorist clause and I’d have my baby back!

Well, the estimate came in over $17k. By the time I spoke with the adjuster it was up to $20k and now considered a total loss. TOTALED! Only the second vehicle I’ve had totaled in my life. The other being my 1977 Trans-Am. Both were someone else’s fault. Neither had insurance! 🙁 I loved that Trailhawk. We’d been through a lot together in a short two years (see previous blog.)

So, I headed out to find a new vehicle. It certainly was not a great time to be looking for another vehicle with the inventory being so low right now. And prices sky high because of it.

I wanted another Jeep Cherokee or something that had at least 6 cylinders and a hitch/towing package for my trailer & boat. I put out feelers to all my car lot friends. My GOD used cars are as now as expensive as new ones! So, I bought a new one!

Austin Hyder has found 3-4 cars for us in the past few years. He sold me my before mentioned Cherokee Trailhawk. He sent me many to look at. Either too expensive or too many miles. I decided I would get a new Cherokee from Austin at Friendship Jeep in Bristol. They had actually reduced some prices from the sticker on certain models. I fell in love with one but dickerd myself out of it by not pulling the trigger soon enough. All the others were way too rich for my blood. I was about to go buy a used Trailhawk in Johnson City when Austin surprised me yesterday with 2 Cherokees that had just come off the truck that morning. Fortunately, both were 6 cylinders and had trailer tow hitches. I got the blue one!

I am now on my 4th Jeep Cherokee!