The Queen, King & Mom

This was originally posted August 16 2018.

It is a sad day for me today. It is the 22nd anniversary of my mother’s death in 1996. It is of course also the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death in 1977. Add to that the passing today of Aretha Franklin at age 76 and it turned out to be a real sad day. Aretha died from the same terrible disease that took my mother; pancreatic cancer. I was on the air today, playing songs from the Queen of Soul as a tribute. I was also on the air this day in 1977 doing the same for the King of Rock & Roll. My family has always been crazy about Elvis. My brother Bill even got married on his birthday January 8th! He took my Mom to see Elvis at Freedom Hall when he was here for one of his last shows in the 70's. August 16th will always be a sad day for me...losing my Mom, Elvis and now Aretha. This following a very happy day…my daughter’s birthday on August 15th.