Wedding Trip

As most people know, I married into a Yankee family. We recently traveled up north for our nephew’s wedding. With Covid still prevalent, we got tested before we went (all negative, thank God!) The wedding was in New Hampshire during October, so the fall foliage was beautiful.  But as with everything my family does, it didn’t happen without some drama & adventure! We decided that it was too far to drive and we were wary about flying but decided that was the best way to go. The guest turnout ended up being half of the original confirmed list but we had to be at Matthew’s wedding!

The trip started with us flying out of Tri-Cities on American with a layover in DALLAS! When booking the trip I was more concerned with layover time and didn’t initially notice the location. I tried to re-route to Charlotte but it would have been a large fee to change…so we went all the way, out of the way to Dallas before continuing to Boston.  I had tried to get a flight on Allegiant on their new flight from Asheville direct to Logan, but after all the fees were added on to their “cheap flight,” it was actually cheaper to fly out of Tri-Cities. Plus we didn’t have to drive to Asheville. You had to wear a mask the entire time in the airports and on the planes. I hadn’t worn a mask that much since the whole pandemic started.

I hate big airports! At Dallas/Ft. Worth, we had to hoof it upstairs to ride a monorail quite a distance to get to our next terminal. After the much longer than it should have been flight to Boston, it took forever to get our luggage. Then we had a 30 minute bus ride just to get to the car rental place. Since I booked the cheapest car I could, it took forever to find the rental outfit. They are called Sixt and apparently they’re new as they had no signage anywhere that would help us find them. When we finally did, it took forever to get through the line and finally get our car.

By then we had to drive in 5 o’clock Boston rush hour traffic! After leaving home at 7am we finally arrived at our hotel in Dover NH about 8:30pm. We could have driven it in that time! I was tired and cranky but perked up when I saw a “Margaritas’ Mexican Restaurant” next-door. I spent the rest of the evening there getting my attitude adjusted!

The rest of our stay was great. We spent some wonderful time with family and the wedding & reception were fantastic. My brother-in-law’s family doesn’t do anything half assed! The ceremony was outside and the reception was in a very nice barn venue. I had brought my music hard drive with me just in case the entertainment sucked! However they had a great live band that had everyone dancing the night away! I don’t know what it is about barn weddings. I have deejayed six barn receptions in this past year and three just last month! It is certainly easier to social distance with most of the festivities being held outside or in an open barn.

Which leads me to how states up north are handling the Corona virus. Everyone wears a mask….period. Leaving your hotel room? Have to wear a mask. Going into a restaurant? Wear your mask until you get to your table. Walking up to the bar to get a drink or food? Masks required. Walking outside on the sidewalk? Still have to wear a mask! The fines for not doing so are steep. I was even told that if we went to the mall or outlet stores that the cops targeted out of state cars. If they approach you and you do not have a written negative Covid test report with you, the fine was between $1000 & $1500 (we didn’t go!) It’s a lot different than down here in the south. Consequently they have considerably fewer cases of the virus than we do!

Then it was time for the family to begin our return home adventure. Upon driving back to the airport car rental place we drove through the facility several times looking for the Sixt car drop off location. Again, no signage but we finally asked someone and were able to find it. Our plane was about an hour late taking off in Boston. Apparently there was no water in the bathroom! That put us late arriving in Charlotte (no Texas visit this time!) We arrived at concourse B…and of course our next flight out was in terminal E. I didn’t think us old folks could move that fast! We got no help from the Charlotte “moving sidewalks” as most of them were down for maintenance. We huffed & puffed to the gate and as we got close, there was an agent out front yelling “Tri-Cites!” We waved and yelled back and she said “hurry we’re closing the door!” They actually held the fight for us! The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful except for the $56 parking fee at our airport! Our luggage even made it home with the extremely short layover in Charlotte!

All-in-all we had a great time even with all the adventures! Congratulations and good luck Matt & Meg!